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Champagne Producers

There are over 100 champagne houses and 15,000 smaller vignerons (vine-growing producers) operating in Champagne. These companies manage some 32,000 hectares of vineyards in the region, and employ over 10,000 people. Annual sales by all producers total over 300 million bottles per year, equating to roughly €4.3 billion of revenue. Roughly two-thirds of these sales are made by the large champagne houses and their grandes marques (major brands). 58% of total production is sold within France, with the remaining 42% being exported around the world – primarily to the UK, the U.S., and Germany. At any one time, champagne producers collectively hold a stock of about 1 billion bottles which are being matured, equating to more than three years of sales volume. The type of champagne producer can be identified from the abbreviations followed by the official number on the bottle:

* NM: Négociant manipulant. These companies (including the majority of the larger brands) buy grapes and make the wine 

* CM: Coopérative de manipulation. Co-operatives that make wines from the growers who are members, with all the grapes pooled together 

* RM: Récoltant manipulant. A grower that also makes wine from their own grapes 

* SR: Société de récoltants. An association of growers making a shared Champagne but who are not a co-operative 

* RC: Récoltant coopérateur. A co-operative member selling Champagne produced by the co-operative under its own name 

* MA: Marque auxiliaire or Marque d'acheteur. A brand name unrelated to the producer or grower; the name is owned by someone else, for example a supermarket 

* ND: Négociant distributeur. A wine merchant selling under his own name


Copyright: All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. (See Copyrights for details.) Source: Champagne (wine) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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